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Natural gas contributes to a reliable energy supply via temporary underground gas storing. Storages balance the fluctuating supply and demand and provide the market with flexibility that is needed at all hours.

Gas storages for a consistent thermal output
In Germany, more than one third of the energy consumption is used for the heating of buildings. Gas storages serve to absorb seasonal fluctuations in heat energy demand.

Continuous gas supply in spite of changing demand
Via pipelines coming, predominantly from Russia, Norway and the Netherlands, natural gas is being transported to Germany: Round the clock, 365 days. The gas can be stored in underground storages to safeguard a ceaseless gas supply – and also to counterbalance supply shortages during winter times.



Support for the German ‚Energiewende’
Gas storages support the development of Renewable Energies and contribute to balancing their ever fluctuating input. Thereby, storages safeguard the reliable supply with flexible energy for industrial as well as private consumers and act as price-containing in the general energy system.

Storengy in Deutschland

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