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Because of its convenient location near the Dutch border, the natural gas field Uelsen was recommended  for the expansion as natural gas storage facility after long years of production.

In 2008, the storage has been extended to a seventh well. Today, the porous sandstones of the geological formation of the Triassic (red sandstone) are opened up with seven wells. With a working gas volume of 860 Mio. m3 Uelsen is the largest pore storage Storengy in Germany.

Storage Profile Uelsen

Location Itterbeck near Uelsen / Grafschaft Bentheim, Niedersachsen
Storage Type Pore Storage / former Gas Field
Gas Quality H-Gas
Working Gas Volume 860 Mio. m3
Storage Wells         7
Max. Injection Rate 330.000 m3/h
Max. Withdrawal Rate  395.000 m3/h
Depth 1.490 m
Geological Formation Triassic / Red Sandstone
Year of Start Up  1997
Market Area / TSO Gaspool / Gasunie


Storage Site Uelsen

49847 Itterbeck
+49 (0) 5948 9347 - 0

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