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The cavern storage site Peckensen is situated southeast of Salzwedel in Saxony-Anhalt. After a successful expansion project, the storage has now a working gas volume of 392 Mio. m³ in 5 storage caverns in the salt domes.

With two new compressor units, the injection rate was increased to nearly 315.000 m³/h, the max. withdrawal rate is 870.000 m³/h. With the help of two highly capacitive interconnections, the storage is well connected to the grid interconnection point Steinzu and the transport network Ontras. Peckensen is Storengy's largest cavern storage.


Storage Profile Peckensen

Location Wallstawe, OT Wiersdorf / Saxony-Anhalt   
Storage Type Cavern Storage
Gas Quality H-gas 
Arbeitsgasvolumen 349 Mio. m³
Kavernen in Betrieb 5
Max. Injection Rate 315.000 m³/h
Max. Withdrawal 860.000 m³/h
Depth 1.282 - 1.455 m unter Ackersohle
Geological Formation Zechstein Salt Dome
Year of Start up / expansion  2002 / 2014
Market Area / TSO        Gaspool / Ontras


Storage Site Peckensen

Ellenbergweg 3
29413 Wallstawe
+49 (0) 39031 9505 - 05

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