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The Germigny-sous-Coulombs underground natural gas storage site is located in the heart of the valley of the Ourcq. It spans 17 municipalities and 3 departments: Seine-et-Marne, Aisne and Oise. Commissioned in 1982 Germigny-sous-Coulombs delivers part of natural gas for the Parisian region.

Since late 2012, a new administrative building gathers the teams and hosts the control room, commissioned in August 2012.


Technical characteristics:
Type: aquifer storage
Commissioning: 1982
Type of gas stored: type H (high calorific)
Geological strata: lower cretaceous
Reservoir depth: 848 metres
Number of operation wells: 22
Number of control wells: 30
Maximum storage volume: 2,800 million m³ at STP*

*m³ at STP = cubic metres at standard temperature and pressure: quantity of natural gas which at 0°C and under atmospheric pressure occupies a volume of one cubic meter.


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Community involvement

Germigny-sous-Coulombs is the first site introducing a Local Information Commission composed of local councillors, government representatives and environmental protection associations.

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