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The Manosque underground natural gas storage site is located in the municipality of Manosque in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region, on the edge of the Pélissier Forest. The facilities are distributed across two sites roughly 2.5 kilometres apart, separated by a hill and interconnected with two high pressure pipelines. The well platforms are located at the Le Gontard site, and the central station is nestled in the Gaude Valley.

In operation since 1993, this storage site is owned by Géométhane, an Economic Interest Group specialised in underground natural gas storage, and shared equally by Géosud and Storengy. The operation and commercial services for this site are managed by Storengy.

Environmental integration is a priority at this storage site located in the heart of a protected area of the Luberon Regional Nature Park. The architecture of the surface facilities therefore reflects the regional style and a particular attention has been paid to maximising the sound insulation of the technical buildings and to limiting atmospheric emissions.

The storage capacity of the Manosque site is similar to the consumption of a city like Marseille. The site contributes to the gas supply for the South East of France.


Technical characteristics:
Type: storage in salt caverns
Commissioning: 1993
Type of gas stored: type H (high calorific)
Geological strata: upper eocene
Depth of the salt layer: 1,000 metres
Number of cavities in operation: 7
Maximum storage volume: 496 million m³ at STP*

*m³ at STP = cubic metres at standard temperature and pressure: quantity of natural gas which at 0°C and under atmospheric pressure occupies a volume of one cubic metre.


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