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The Cerville underground natural gas storage site in the locality of "Renard Porière" is 10 kilometres east of Nancy and extends across 12 municipalities in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department. The site's surface facilities have been designed to blend harmoniously with their surrounding environment. Since its commissioning, the Cerville storage site has undertaken an extensive renovation and adaptation programme to improve its environmental performance. In 2008, compressors with more efficient technology replaced the motor compressors thereby eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reducing noise pollution. This site is also equipped with economizers on the dehydration units to remove liquid waste and improve the quality of the atmospheric emissions.

In operation since 1970, the Cerville site is located in a strategic position in the heart of Eastern France. It is able to store up to 80% of the Lorraine region's annual consumption of natural gas. In winter, the flow rate of gas withdrawn can be as high as six times the amount consumed by a city like Nancy.


Technical characteristics:
Type: aquifer storage
Commissioning: 1970
Type of gas stored: type H (high calorific)
Geological strata: triassic
Reservoir depth: 450 metres
Number of operation wells: 38
Number of control wells: 16
Maximum storage volume: 1,500 million m³ at STP*


Trois-Fontaines l'Abbaye

The Trois-Fontaines l'Abbaye storage site, designed to be operated from Cerville, is located near Saint-Dizier. It stretches across the Marne, Haute-Marne and Meuse departments and the two Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine regions. A former natural gas field converted into storage, Trois-Fontaines is Storengy's largest depleted reservoir storage facility in France.

Technical characteristics:
Type: depleted reservoir storage
Commissioning: 2010
Geological strata: triassic
Reservoir depth: 1,700 metres
Number of operation wells: 5
Number of control wells: 10
Maximum storage volume: 2,080 million m³ at STP*

*m³ at STP = cubic metres at standard temperature and pressure: quantity of natural gas which at 0°C and under atmospheric pressure occupies a volume of one cubic metre.

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The Trois-Fontaines-l’Abbaye site is located in a NATURA 2000 listed forest, which in particular requires monitoring of protected amphibians (Yellow-bellied toad) and Chiroptera (nocturnal mammals with membranous wings, such as bats).

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