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In addition to the provisions regarding the access and commercialisation of their capacities (cf. Transparency Space), Storengy's underground storage facilities are subject to regulations related to the surface and underground activities.

Thus, the surface facilities fall in the sphere of competence of the regulations regarding facilities which are classified for environmental protection (ICPE), which are fixed by the Environmental Code. These provisions impose the implementation if operational methods which must take account of environmental considerations, as well as the safety of goods and people. Based on environmental impact studies, Storengy is able to specify an environmental management policy which is appropriate for each site. In the field of safety, hazard studies are led to improve preventive and operational risk management.

The operation of underground facilities (drilling and caverns) is governed by the rules of the Mining Code. In particular, this Code provides the obligation to hold a concession which defines the gas storage zone. Nonetheless, this concession is not an authorisation to operate storage facilities; Storengy also holds administrative authorisations to perform research and exploration works in the underground.

In accordance with the French decree no. 2004-555 of 15 June 2004, which applies the provisions of article L.453-4 of the French Energy Code, Storengy has developed and published Technical Prescriptions setting out the technical requirements for connection to its facilities.

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