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Commissioned in 1970, the main Tersanne storage site is located around 20 kilometres north of Romans-sur-Isère and spans three municipalities in the Drôme department. Since 2012, it has been associated with a satellite site around seven kilometres away in Hauterives. Tersanne play a strategic role in supplying natural gas to South East France.

The Tersanne storage site has undergone extensive renovation and adaptation programme to improve its performance and safety. It is equipped with high performance compression technology thereby eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reducing noise pollution.


Technical characteristics:
Type: storage in salt caverns
Commissioning: 1970
Type of gas stored: type H (high calorific)
Geological strata: oligocene
Depth of the salt layer: 1,500 metres
Number of cavities in operation at Tersanne: 13
Maximum storage volume: 262 million m³ at STP*
Number of cavities at Hauterives: 2
Maximum storage volume: 200 million m³ at STP*

*m³ at STP = cubic metres at standard temperature and pressure: quantity of natural gas which at 0°C and under atmospheric pressure occupies a volume of one cubic metre.


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