Storengy's priority commitments include guaranteeing the rigorous protection of Commercially Sensitive Information (CSI), ensuring all customers to receive equal treatment for their storage services and the transparency of information.

Storengy employees are committed to respecting the confidentiality of Commercially Sensitive Information (CSI): CSI can only be accessed by authorised Storengy employees and other legally authorised persons.

The provisions for this protection are set out in Article L111-77 of the French Energy Act and stipulated in the French Decree 2004-183 of 18 February 2004.

To comply with these obligations, Storengy applies a series of internal measures based on employee awareness and empowerment, together with appropriate information system protection. These measures are described in detail in the Code of Good Conduct. The application of these measures is regularly audited. The Code of Good Conduct sets out the measures implemented by Storengy to comply with the legislation concerning non-discrimination, transparency and protection of Commercially Sensitive Information.

In all Storengy's relations with its customers, non-discrimination is the rule.

This implies:

  • equal treatment in the allocation of storage capacity, contract management and the application of contractual clauses as well as in the invoicing of the services provided
  • publication of non-commercially sensitive information
  • information transparency

Information transparency
Open the Transparency Area to read all the regularly updated information.

Storengy Code of Good Conduct

Audit énergétique

Grâce à ses actions d’amélioration continue, Storengy a réduit sa consommation d’énergie de l’ordre de 18 GWh/an évitant ainsi l’émission de plus de 2 600 tonnes de CO2.

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