Storengy offers a wide range of careers around various industrial activities and implements a dynamic human resources policy. Thanks to a proactive training system, Storengy advances job's evolution and needs induced by these changes. All employee's career are supported by the managers.

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The underground natural gas storage business requires various skills to ensure site's performance. Storengy therefore is led to recruiting talent in a range of fields. The company pays special attention to integrating young people through internships, work-study programmes and VIE ("Volontariat en entreprise") contracts.



Diversity means nothing else than recognising skills

For Storengy, diversity is reflected daily by openness to differences of the men and women who are its main wealth, and its ability to adapt to diverse customers and suppliers.

Beyond the actions under its Disability Handicap programme, Storengy decided to go one step further by committing with ENGIE to a process aimed at obtaining the Diversity Label issued by the French standards authority AFNOR.

Storengy is committed to respecting difference and equal opportunity. ALLO DISCRIM is a service that the employees may contact to report any discrimination problems in terms of diversity or equal opportunity.


Key figures

884 employees

90% of employees trained in 2012

close to 33 000 hours of training in 2012

over 50 work-study contracts at 31 December 2012




Allo Discrim

Allo Discrim (24 hours a day, 7 days a week):

+ 33 800 94 27 28

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