Present in France for almost 60 years, Storengy currently operates 14 underground gas storage sites, one of which is operated on behalf of a third party. Reflecting the need to increase gas infrastructures and the possibilities provided by the subsurface geology, Storengy has developed these 14 sites in France : nine aquifers, four salt caverns and one depleted reservoir.

Storengy has acquired a unique expertise for the design, development and operation of all types of underground gas storage, as well as for the commercialisation of storage capacities in various economic and regulatory environments. Storengy also enters into partnerships in which its expertise in underground modelling, drilling (watch the film here), underground reservoir engineering, industrial management of surface facilities and industrial safety are the crucial skills.

To improve the operational and environmental performance of its facilities, Storengy has undertaken an extensive renovation and adaptation programme in France. Maximising performance of the sites, limiting atmospheric emissions and noise pollution, and reducing its environmental impact are the focus of site's management policy. Storengy ensures every day the safety of its employees, as well as that of local residents.

Underground storage is an essential link in the gas supply chain, as it helps to ensure security of supply, to cope with the seasonal variations in demand and provides the flexibility needed for the smooth functioning of the market. As a leading player in storage, Storengy provides customers a wide commercial offer to meet the needs of the market place, in compliance with non-discrimination and transparency rules.

Key figures

10 billion m3 natural gas storage capacity

14 sites*

880 employees

*of which one salt cavern operated on behalf of a third party

Storengy in images

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