The auction dates for Storengy UK’s final two products for Storage year 2019 have now been set:

 The 500GWh in the June Debrining Product will be auctioned on Thursday the 22nd November

 The 900GWh in the Flat 30/30 product will be auctioned on Thursday the 29th November

 We will be inviting bids from 11am (UK time) on each day, with the auction window closing at 12 midday.

The final product sheets for the storage products, along with our communication outlining the potential impacts of the Gas Charging Review (UNC Modification 0621) can be found below:


Storage Year


30/30 Flat Product 


pdfProduct Sheet for SY19-20 Flat 30-30119.84 KB

Debrining Product June 


pdfProduct Sheet for SY19-20 Debrining June143.32 KB

Debrining Product July

2019/2020 Product Sheet for SY19-20 Debrining July

Gas Charging Review Communication

From Oct 2019

pdfGCR Customer Communication262.59 KB

The products will be offered subject to Auction Terms and Conditions and with reference to the latest Storage Service Contract. The auction documents can be found below: 

Document  Storage Year  Details

 Auction Terms and Conditions: 30-30 Flat Product

 2019/2020   pdf30-30 Auction Terms233.43 KB
 Auction Terms and Conditions: Debrining Products  2019/2020   pdfDebrining Auction Terms243.24 KB
 Auction FAQ - All Auctions  2019/2020   pdfFAQ for all Auctions266.2 KB
 Bid Form - 30-30 Flat Product  2019/2020   pdf30-30 Product Bid Form109.15 KB
 Bid Form - June Debrining Product   2019/2020   pdfJune Debrining Product Bid Form112.21 KB
 Bid Form - July Debrining Product  2019/2020   pdfJuly Debrining Product Bid Form114.07 KB
 All Auction Documents 2019/2020   zipAll Auction Documents - Zip File947.59 KB

The following contract Proformas will be used for this auction.

Storage Service Contract (SSC)

pdfStorage Service Contract (SSC)

The storage service contract is the signature sheet and umbrella document for the rest of the contract.


Specific Terms

pdfSpecific Terms Flat Product

pdfSpecific Terms Debrining


The specific terms cover the detail of each customers product. Specifying the capacities, limitations and any additional terms.

Annex 2:

General Terms and Conditions

pdfGTCs SY 2019

The general terms cover all shared aspects of customers contracts, from definitions to product operation to legal boilerplate.

Schedule 1:

Credit Agreement

pdfCredit Agreement

Details the different options accepted by Storengy for credit support. 

This page will be kept up to date with further information as it is released.

If you wish to register an interest in these auctions please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send an update when additional information is released.



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