Update 13.08.19 – Commissioning of the last 5 caverns

Storengy UK currently operates 15 caverns at the Stublach site in Cheshire, with a further 5 caverns due to be developed in 2019. Between May 2019 and September 2019, Storengy UK is debrining caverns 16 to 20, which will (when completed) provide an estimated 85 mcm of working gas volume at Stublach. During the debrining of the 5 new caverns, we are expecting to inject around 162 mcm of gas (including cushion gas), with around half of this due to be available as working gas once the caverns become fully operational. The caverns are due to become operational after they have been converted and commissioned in Q4 2019, taking the site commercial capacity close to 400 mcm (currently around 308 mcm for the 15 fully operational caverns).


Update 7.05.19- Storengy UK to hold addtional auction for 90GWH of Capacity 

This auction is now closed

Storengy UK are delighted to announce that we have 90GWh of 30:30 capacity available for SY 19/20. The product is our standard 30:30 product following our published GTCs, the start date of the product will be 1st June 2019 and the final day will be 30th April 2020.


Update 30.11.2018 - All available gas storage capacity at Stublach sold for 2019/20

Storengy UK is pleased to announce that as of the end of yesterday's auction all gas storage capacity at Stublach available for the 2019/20 storage year has now been allocated in auction. This totalled 1.7TWh making up three different products auctioned over the last 3 weeks.

The high level of customer engagement during the design of the products including the introduction of options for relief from the potential impact of the Gas Charging Review reduced the uncertainty for customers and this was reflected in the high demand for the products on offer.

The three products on offer consisted of two “3-phase” debrining products, which allow successful bidders to use the capacity as a normal Storage product in the 3rd Phase, after a baseload injection period (Phase 1) in June or July followed by a parking period (Phase 2). The third product was our standard 30:30 product which gives constant injection and withdrawal rights over all stock levels for the whole storage year.

Whilst Storengy UK does not publish the cleared or reserve prices for its auctions we can confirm we are pleased with the results of the auction and that the auctions showed a clear demand for the products on offer as the capacities in all 3 auctions were 5 times oversubscribed by the bids received.


Update 20.09.17 – Testing and Go live

We believe that the majority of these bugs are minor and will be resolved in the next two weeks. As a result we will be holding a go/no-go meeting internally on the 26th September. This meeting will decide one of the following options for go live:

  1. Release week beginning 2nd October
  2. Release week beginning 9th October
  3. Continue bug fixing

We would appreciate any customer feedback before this date to inform our decision; in particular, any issues around the date of release (1st October being the start of the gas year.)

Please provide any feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Tests on the new commercial system have been proceeding well, quite a few major and minor bugs have been discovered and fixed a brief list of outstanding bugs can be found here: Features and Issues.

Update 18.07.17- New Commercial System

A provisional testing and release schedule has been agreed and we would really appreciate you, our customers, testing and providing feedback as well. Logins and passwords will be provided to allow you to login and try the system in three phases:

commercial update website page

Following these test phases we ask that you provide any feedback to be considered in a go/no go decision for the switch to the use of the new system.

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