The biggest salt cavern storage facility in the UK

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Storengy owns and operates the Stublach Gas Storage Facility located in Cheshire near the town of Northwich.

Natural gas is stored over 500 metres below the surface in salt caverns. The salt caverns are formed by pumping water into ground (solution mining) to dissolve the salt to create a large underground chambers connected to the surface by a series of metal tubes cemented into the overlying rock.

Gas is withdrawn from the national transmission system (network of underground pipes crossing the UK) and stored in the salt caverns until it required by our customers. A gas compression station is location on the Stublach site to move the gas in and out of the caverns.

Why Northwich?

Rock salt was deposited in this region some 200 million years ago, during the Triassic period. Seawater moved inland from the open sea, creating a chain of shallow salt marshes across what is today the Cheshire basin. As the marshes evaporated deep deposits of rock salt were formed.

There is evidence that the romans used the salt springs to extract salt for foodstuffs. Since the 1890’s salt has been extracted by solution mining and the brine is used by the local chemical industry. The Cheshire basin is therefore the ideal location for gas storage.

A key asset for a higher flexibility in the UK

Once fully developed, Stublach will be the largest onshore gas storage facility in the UK and will enhance the security of gas supplies to the UK. The 450 million cubic metres of gas stored a Stublach is enough to supply 270,000 homes with gas for cooking and heating for 12 months.

Storengy UK key figures 2019

  • 20 of 20 underground caverns created by solution mining in the salt layer.
  • Salt cavern storage 500 meter-depth
  • Gas plant (Compression, dehydration and metering).
  • 1000 Acres site
  • 65 mcm of Brine
  • 12 Million Tonnes of salt mined and despatched in the local Chemical Industry

Storengy UK - Stublach site

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