The Storengy  UK Team 4/12/18

christmas presents

Over the last few weeks Storengy staff, suppliers & the local cubs group have been collecting & donating gifts for The Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital. Storengy UK are pleased to support this  charity and have done so for the last five years. This year has been a real community effort with our suppliers Technotype, Billfinger and even the local Cubs group taking part.


The Commercial team 30/11/2018

Storengy UK is pleased to announce that as of the end of yesterday's auction all gas storage capacity at Stublach available for the 2019/20 storage year has now been allocated in auction. This totalled 1.7TWh making up three different products auctioned over the last 3 weeks.

Benoit Enault 27/11/2018

On the 31st October, the BEIS (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) Select Committee listened to oral evidence on gas storage from the industry and from the BEIS. The discussions started by looking at last years events – why the aging Rough gas storage was allowed to close. The discussion went on saying the business case supporting new investment into storage was weak because the revenue stream - namely the seasonal spread - is only half the level that would be required to support new gas storage, therefore public support would be required.


On Wednesday 7th Nov at European Utility Week, our Commercial Manager Robin delivered a brilliant overview of gas flexibility in GB.

This was among other presentations by experts discussing the increasing interconnectivity of regional gas markets across the globe.

Storengy UK will instigate a total vent of the Stublach gas plant in the morning of 6th November between 07:00 and 09:00 hours as part of this weeks Outage Works.

There maybe an increase in noise levels during this time.

By Dana Taylor IT & Data Privacy Manager 29/10/2018

The first day after a long holiday is when we feel it… that nagging worry about whether we would have to spend the first 10 minutes of the day resetting our passwords. In reality, we have this “password fright” each and every time we have to use an online portal that we haven’t used for some time, only to find out that our login has expired.

The amount of time we spend managing our passwords, ensuring that we can still access tools that we use as part of our work or our home lives is extensive. The disruption caused when we forget passwords, or simply have to reset them in several places causes stress and worry, in addition to the lost time. Should it really have to be this way? Shouldn’t this process be simpler by now?

What happens after we’ve finished leaching?

The next stage for our caverns following the leaching of the caverns, is to remove the leaching wellhead and subsurface equipment and replace with equipment specifically designed for storing gas.

Energy UK

Benoit Enault 17/10/2018

At the Energy UK conference yesterday, Rachel Reeves MP announced a long awaited BEIS select committee inquiry into gas storage.

Green GB

The Storengy UK Team 16/10/2018

What is Green GB Week?

A week of events and activity bringing together businesses, schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and charities to explore how clean growth will change our futures and others can contribute to action on climate change. Green GB Week will promote the scale of the opportunities to reduce emissions, grow the low carbon economy and create a better environment.

The week celebrates ten years since the Climate Change Act.

The Storengy UK Team 04/10/2018

Storengy UK was delighted to announce the launch of Centurion Project last week. This project, a first of its scale in Europe, will look at a 100MW electrolyser, producing green hydrogen in the North West.  Green hydrogen is one of the options to decarbonise heat and power at scale in the UK.

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