Storengy UK Team 20/06/2019

Clean Air Day, Storengy UK’s vision is that of a zero carbon future. We are working with our staff, partners and group to promote a zero carbon future for everyone.

                             Clean air day

The Engie strategy of zero carbon transition as a service enables us in our efforts. We attended the Engie innovation week event in London on Tuesday 18th June where we were working with our suppliers to deliver innovative low and zero carbon solutions to our customers in multiple sectors : places and communities, energy services and regeneration.

In addition Storengy UK are currently working on a number of projects in Hydrogen, Bio-Gas and Geothermal to look at ways in which we can support the transition towards a carbon-free, energy-efficient society. The Centurion Project with partners ITM Power, Inovyn, Cadent and Element energy is our first project focusing on Hydrogen production and storage, a further Hydrogen storage project is expected to be announced soon.

On the Stublach Gas Storage site Storengy UK encourages staff to consider their own Carbon footprint, we have electric charging points for those who have made the transition to electric cars, pedal bikes on site for staff to use and have provided energy efficiency roadshows to the local community.

                                      electric Act with Engie


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