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Robin Cannings 08/08/2019

I’m pleased to announce that I have been accepted onto the Future of Gas Forum Steering Group. Where I will represent the interests of gas networks, physical connections & commercial users in the development of a long-term GB Gas Market plan.

The Future of Gas Forum was formed in May 2019 to develop a long-term plan for gas industry change in Great Britain and the Steering Group has been setup to provide a cross industry leadership forum to develop and define the priorities for the long-term Gas Market plan.

The scope of the Steering Group is as follows:

· Discuss/provide updates on major developments that could impact the gas market up to 2030

· Specific focus on market frameworks related to the potential developments in the gas market, and interactions with those frameworks where necessary

· Leadership on future iterations of the Gas Markets Plan, including providing feedback and lessons learnt

· Contribute to the scope and prioritisation of projects within the Gas Market Plan

· Escalation point for any unresolved queries from the Future of Gas Forum

· The Group’s focus will be on the time horizon 2-10 years (2020/21 to 2029/30).

The attached links give more details on the Steering Group and the Future of Gas initiative:

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