Stublach Gas Storage Project (S.G.S.P)

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Storengy UK operates the Stublach Gas Storage Project, a salt cavern storage facility in Cheshire. Once fully completed, the scheme will be one of the main storage facilities in the country and will enhance the security of supply to the UK market.

20 caverns will be created in total, the first 2 of which became operational in 2014. Storengy UK now operates the first 40 million cubic metres of natural gas in the caverns and by 2020 the total storage capacity will reach 400 million cubic metres. 


Storengy UK key figures 2019

  • 20 of 20 underground caverns created by solution mining in the salt layer.
  • Salt cavern storage 500 meter-depth
  • Gas plant (Compression, dehydration and metering).
  • 1000 Acres site
  • 65 mcm of Brine
  • 12 Million Tonnes of salt mined and despatched in the local Chemical Industry

Directions to Stublach

2019 Oil Gas Commended

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