Storengys Engagement im Bereich der Biodiversität wird anerkannt

Datum :
8. Dezember 2015

Against the backdrop of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change being held in Paris (COP21), on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 the French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, in the presence of Minister Ségolène Royal, announced the results of the "call for recognition" forming part of the National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS). At the official ceremony to mark this occasion in the Climate Generations areas on the Le Bourget site, the 15 winners, including Storengy, received 'recognised NBS commitment' certification for their active commitment to biodiversity.

For Storengy, the National Biodiversity Strategy's expressed ambition "to preserve, restore, strengthen and value biodiversity" takes the form of nine initiatives revolving around the following priorities:

  • preserving and strengthening biodiversity on its sites;
  • integrating biodiversity into the company culture;
  • strengthening its dialogue with stakeholders;
  • conducting and further developing its industrial activities.

In the context of these nine initiatives, Storengy has rolled out eco-management of green spaces on a pilot site, namely Céré-la-Ronde (37). Radical changes have been made to green-space maintenance practices, with plant protection products no longer being used at all on the site. The results are encouraging, with the appearance of nine species of orchids, including one featuring on the Red List of Threatened Species in France: Serapias lingua, or the tongue orchid. For assistance with the management of the project, Storengy called on the Conservatory of Natural Areas in the Centre Region (CEN Centre - Conservatoire d’espaces naturels de la région Centre), under a partnership agreement signed in 2014.

Storengy signed up to the National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS) in April 2014. By making this voluntary commitment, it wanted to enshrine and cement its action in the vision, strategic goals and targets set out by the NBS.

Biodiversity conservation is a fundamental principle of the Environmental and Corporate Responsibility (ECR) policy of our company, which always strives to blend its storage sites naturally into their environment.

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About Storengy:

Storengy, an ENGIE company, has been developing and operating underground natural gas storage sites for more than 60 years. Its business is based on recognised expertise in the design and operation of complex industrial sites as well as rare subsurface expertise. With a capacity of 12.2 billion m³, Storengy is Europe's leading natural gas storage operator. The company currently operates 21 storage facilities across France, Germany and the United Kingdom and is also represented in Canada and China.


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