INOVYN and Storengy sign new long-term partnership in France

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20. April 2017 00:00

Storengy, represented by its CEO Cécile Prévieu, and INOVYN, represented by its CEO Chris Tane, signed a new strategic partnership on Wednesday, 29 March. Long-term contracts have been drawn up to supply brine to INOVYN's chemical plant in Tavaux, France. They will allow optimisation of the use of the leaching facilities at Storengy's natural gas storage site in Etrez.

A win-win partnership

The contracts reflect a win-win industrial solution, Storengy providing INOVYN with subsurface services as well as operations and maintenance services to secure the supply of brine for the Tavaux plant. The services will also provide INOVYN with support in its development of salt caverns in its Attignat concession. The brine will be delivered by Storengy via a brine pipeline and the salt extracted by INOVYN from the brine is used to produce PVC (polyvinyl chloride), VCM (vinyl chloride monomer), chlorine, caustic soda and chlorine derivatives.

The two companies have successfully combined their competencies and complementary businesses to create mutually beneficial value. Under the partnership, Storengy secures its capacity to further develop salt caverns for energy storage in Etrez and continues to maintain its O&M skills as well as its expertise in subsurface solution mining, while INOVYN secures its supply of brine and optimises the costs of its operations in terms of caverns design and leaching program.

Strategic shift

It gives both Storengy and INOVYN a new perspective for continuing to work together for at least 15 years in France. In the United Kingdom (Cheshire), the two companies are also engaged in a long-term partnership to develop the Stublach storage site and supply brine to the nearby INOVYN plant at Runcorn. Several new areas for cooperation in Europe have already been identified and others are under assessment, specifically in hydrogen.

Storengy CEO Cécile Prévieu says: "I am delighted and proud to be here today to further bolster the relationship between INOVYN and Storengy. I hope the long-term partnership we are launching today proves satisfactory and opens up new opportunities for working together."

Filipe Constant, Business Director of INOVYN commented: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with Storengy to secure long term brine supplies to our chlor-alkali operations at Tavaux. This partnership will further strengthen the competitiveness of our business at Tavaux, and our overall position as Europe’s leading chlorvinyls supplier.


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