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Industrial companies :

Are you looking to reduce your industrial CO2 emissions and green your energy consumption and vehicle fleet? 

We can offer you:

  • a reliable, turnkey, project-specific solution at the best possible cost;
  • renewable hydrogen produced close to where you need it instead of grey hydrogen transported long distances by truck;
  • the ability to pool hydrogen use with other needs (mobility, methanation, etc.);
  • co-investment with you if necessary.


Local authorities:

Are you interested in efficient transport solutions with reduced CO2 emissions, using hydrogen mobility and bio-Natural Gas for Vehicles (trains, buses, vehicle fleets, bicycles, etc.)? 

Our experts will offer you:

  • personalised support and a turnkey solution tailored to each project;
  • optimised cost by pooling hydrogen use with other needs (industry, methanation, etc.);
  • renewable hydrogen produced close to where you need it instead of fuels (diesel, petrol) transported long distances by truck;
  • co-investment with you if necessary.


H2 industry players :

Are you looking for a committed partner with expertise in hydrogen? 

We can offer you:     

  • our positioning as an expert integrator, operator, project manager (including complex projects);
  • the guarantees you need to respond to calls for tenders.

Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


My Energy Hub: enhancing your land potential

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Project investor and integrator

The ENGIE Group is one of the few operators with all the expertise required to develop hydrogen solutions in response to the challenges of energy transition around the world. Storengy undertakes large-scale projects involving the production and storage of hydrogen and synthetic methane.

pdfBrochure « Renewable Hydrogen - The high potential of a low-carbon energy mix »


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Producer and storer

With more than 60 years of experience in the development and operation of underground natural gas storage facilities, Storengy has all the expertise needed to implement projects involving the production and storage of renewable hydrogen and synthetic methane.

  • Surface expertise in production and storage of H2 and/or synthetic methane
    • Integration and feasibility studies
    • Technological expertise:
      • Electrolysis or H2 recovery treatment
      • Methanation
      • Surface storage
      • Compression, treatment, purification
      • Flexibility
    • Technical and economic optimisation
    • Detailed engineering
    • Project owner assistance
    • Project management/Acceptance
  • Expertise in underground H2 storage
    • Geoscience
    • Wells/Drilling
    • Storage
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Sales & marketing
  • Industrial safety 
    • Compliance with safety standards
    • Permitting applications
    • Seveso sites


Our projects


Méthycentre is the first power-to-gas project in France combining methanisation (biomethane production), electrolysis (hydrogen production) and methanation (synthetic methane production). Led by Storengy and located in Céré-la-Ronde in the Centre-Val de Loire region, it provides a solution for a crucial challenge: transforming renewable electricity (and the CO2 contained in the biogaz) into hydrogen and synthetic methane, in large quantities, to make them available when needed by our customers, whether for green mobility powered by hydrogen and biogas (bio-NGV) or for injection into the natural gas network.

The financing plan for this project has been completed. It is funded by PIA, ADEME, Centre-Val de Loire region and ERDF.

Implementation date: 2020-2021.

pdfMéthyCentre brochure

pdfMéthyCentre diagram

pdfPress release « Storengy launches MéthyCentre »



Hycaunais is a Storengy-led project at Saint-Florentin, near Auxerre, combining electrolysis, methanation and methanisation. It aims to upcycle the by-product CO2 present at the Saint-Florentin landfill site by way of methanation. The hydrogen needed for this process is itself a product of wind power generation, thanks to a 1 MW electrolyser with a peak capacity of 2 MW. The synthetic methane produced will be injected into the network while the renewable gases generated will supply green mobility filling stations.

The financing plan for this project has been completed. It is funded by PIA ADEME, Burgundy Franche-Comté region, ERDF.

Implementation date: 2020-2021.

Hygreen Provence

HyGreen Provence, the first commercial project on this scale in France, entails the construction of a system for generating renewable electricity locally, recovered as hydrogen gas, itself potentially stored in salt caverns on a Storengy site with a view to ultimately supplying a network of green mobility filling stations spread across the region, as well as industrial users. Storengy's know-how, infrastructure and R&D on the production and (surface or underground) storage of hydrogen are key factors in determining the successful outcome of such a project.


RINGS (Research on the Injection of New Gases into natural gas Storage facilities) is a research and development partnership to study the behaviour of biomethane and hydrogen when mixed with natural gas in deep aquifers, with a view to storing them effectively. Undertaken in collaboration with the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (UPPA) and Teréga, the main aim of the project is to determine an acceptable threshold for mixing these 'new gases' with natural gas in underground storage aquifers. Laboratory experiments will reproduce the reservoir conditions using samples of rock, microorganisms, aquifer water and variable gas composition to provide a specific answer for each aquifer tested. The project started in 2018 and will continue until 2021. A second phase involving other European partners is currently being considered.

H2B project (Lesum)

H2B is a renewable hydrogen production project near Storengy's Lesum site. The facility is intended to supply customers in the city of Bremen and the surrounding area – industry, green mobility operators, consumers of renewable gas – either directly or through injection into the natural gas network. Its location close to the wind farms of northern Germany means that it can participate in renewable energy integration and provide back-up to the electricity grid as an energy storage system. Currently at the feasibility study stage, it is due to be launched in 2019 if given the go-ahead.


Storengy played a full role in a study financed by the Energy Technology Institute (ETI), providing expertise and detailed geo-scientific information.

The results of the study confirmed that storing hydrogen in salt caverns is a credible technology with the salt strata used in the natural gas storage facilities at Storengy's site in Cheshire, and is amongst the most economical solutions.

Storengy is currently working on hydrogen storage with an electrolyser manufacturer to study the feasibility of a 100 MW electrolysis project (Project Centurion).

pdfPress release « ITM Power plc »


STOPILH2 is a pilot project for storing hydrogen in a salt cavern at Storengy's Etrez storage site in France. Backed by Géodénergies, an institute of excellence for the energy transition (ITE), the project is being undertaken by a consortium comprising Armines, Ineris, BRGM, Air Liquide, Geostock, Brouard Consulting and Storengy (project lead).

The first two-year phase is studying the feasibility of filling the cavern with hydrogen and the design of leak and injection/withdrawal tests to analyse the behaviour of the gas and the cavern. In the second phase of the project, the tests will be conducted based on the information gathered. 

The financing plan for this project has been completed. It is funded by Géodénergies.


Centurion Project partner and supported by Innovate UK, Storengy is launching alongside Inovyn, ITM Power, Cadent, Element Energy in the first phase of an innovation project to deploy a 100 MW power-to-gas installation at the INOVYN site in Runcorn (Cheshire, UK). The aim: to produce low-carbon hydrogen for industrial uses, mobility and heating. This first phase consists of a feasibility study that must demonstrate the interest of Power-to-Gas in order to: decarbonise the energy system, achieve significant cost reductions that encourage investors. If implemented, this project could be the largest energy storage system at the interface between the gas and electricity networks in the world.

This project has completed its financing plan. It is funded by Innovate UK.

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