Storengy offers its expertise and a vast range of innovative products tailored to each customer.


With close to 60 years' experience in designing, developing and operating energy storage facilities, Storengy offers you its global expertise and know-how through customised, flexible offers tailored to your industrial environment.

Thanks to our high degree of expertise, we can provide you with gas storage services (salt caverns, aquifers and depleted fields) as well as more general energy storage services.

Buoyed by its competencies, Storengy is also involved in geothermal and solution mining projects and offers drilling support services.

Our support takes an industrial, partnership-based approach by offering you products suited to a wide range of projects, and we tailor our support services to your activities, namely:

  • Studies
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Biodiversity management
  • Industrial safety
  • Storage site closure and redevelopment


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Services offer Brochure

Services offer brochure

Solution mining brochure

Solution mining brochure

Geothermal brochure

Geothermal brochure

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