Underground storage is a crucial link in the gas chain making it possible to meet seasonal variations in demand and to guarantee security of natural gas supply.

Balancing supply and demande
Natural gas consumption varies significantly according to the season, day and time of day. Underground storage makes possible to ensure a reliable and continuous supply year-round. It also provides an essential contribution to hedge winter consumption.

Securing supply: "gas physically available"
Located close to consumption areas, storage facilities guarantee security of supply and avoid load shedding as well as the time needed to transport natural gas by gas pipeline or LNG tankers to the market.
As it provides a back-up against temporary disruption to supplies, storage can help avoid the significant economic and social impact of a supply outage.

Greater flexibility
The opening of the natural gas market and its growth have resulted in major changes to the market stakeholders' needs. By providing a rapid response to peak demand, storage has become central to ensuring flexibility. It provides all market stakeholders with improved responsiveness and negotiability.

Optimise gas infrastructure
Located at various points across the country and a key link in the gas supply chain, storage facilities help optimise gas infrastructures and ensure a more efficient use of transport systems.

Balancing supply and demand

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Storage at the very heart of the gas chain

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Energy is our future, save it!