News 22 June 2022

Discover methanation with Storengy

Storengy presents methanation and its expertise in this field in a new "methanation" brochure. 

Storengy presents the advantages and the different methanation processes in this new brochure. Methanation is an effective solution for the decarbonisation of territories thanks to its various benefits 

  • the suppression of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • the possibility to produce more renewable gas with the same amount of organic inputs 

Find out more about Storengy's expertise in the field of methanation through its various projects. 

Are you a methanation unit operator? A player in waste treatment? A local authority wishing to develop the resources of its territory? Take a look at the "Methanation" brochure and find out how Storengy can meet your needs through various forms of support.