News 09 November 2021

Flame Conference

The Flame conference (a European event about gas and liquefied natural gas, LNG) took place from 2nd to 4th November 2021 in Amsterdam

On the occasion of this event, a majority of players from the worldwide gas and LNG industry exchanged views on key topics of the gas sector

Including questions of safety, supplying and energy transition to be able to achieve a carbon-neutral market by 2050 and accomplish the objectives brought forward by the European Commission at the COP 26.

Storengy Chief Executive Officer Camille Bonenfant-Jeanneney spoke on the topic: “Storage & hydrogen: An integrated and carbon-free energy system”.

This presentation enabled us to highlight the new challenges to address in order to promote the development of renewable gases at local and regional level, in existing storage facilities. The question of (renewable) H2 storage was also addressed.

As a promoter of low-carbon and renewable energy in an integrated system, Storengy thus supported the objective to achieve a carbon-free market.