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Press release 21 July 2020

New contract with Conexus Baltic Grid

Storengy and Conexus Baltic Grid have signed an additional contract for monitoring the performance of the Inčukalns natural gas storage reservoir


In 2020, Conexus has entrusted Storengy with a new contract to support a 2 year mission. This service involves daily monitoring of the behavior of the reservoir depending on its operation and updating the reservoir model to make it more predictive. Storengy will provide Conexus with its large expertise in the monitoring of UGS in aquifer reservoirs.

Conexus Baltic Grid is a Latvian gas infrastructure operator, and is operating the Inčukalns aquifer storage facility. Storengy's multiple services and technical advice have helped to establish a relationship of trust in the long term.

Since 2018, Storengy has been working with Conexus on several technical missions for its storage facilities (evaluation of performance of the reservoir that was established with the aim to improve the injection capacity of the storage, technical audit, support mission for the installation of a new compressor). Storengy is pleased to be able to accompany Conexus, share its experience and bring its underground and surface skills to monitor the Inčukalns site to use. The many contracts entrusted by Conexus have come about as a result of the quality of the various projects realized previously.

Arnaud Berthet, Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer of Storengy: " Storengy's extensive underground and surface expertise has helped to strengthen commercial relations with Conexus Baltic Grid. These different missions since 2018 have established the experience and the recognition of Storengy for its natural gas storage expertise. We hope that this partnership will continue and that it will be able to further anchor Storengy's expertise for storage operators."

Rinalds Dimins, manager of Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage: We are pleased to continue our partnership with Storengy, who has received cooperation agreement after open tender procedure for the provision of technological supervision of the Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage Facility for 2020-2022 period. Our mutual cooperation over the years has demonstrated great success and knowing their extensive expertise of the field, we believe that together we will accomplish better results of Inčukalns operations, thus increasing its’ efficiency.


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