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Press release 29 January 2020

Signature of a memorandum of understanding for Hydrogen

Storengy, the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux and Nexeya sign a memorandum of understanding for developing the hydrogen sector in the Bordeaux region


This Wednesday 29 January, Cécile Prévieu, Chief Executive Officer of Storengy, Jean-Frédéric Laurent, Chairman of the Board of the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux, and Pierre-Olivier Besombes, Director of the GBU ASC and Executive Vice President of Nexeya, signed a memorandum of understanding at the 2020 European Energy Transition Conference, which was held in Bordeaux. It lays down the principles for collaboration between the partners within the context of a hydrogen project that aims to make Bordeaux and its port a 'hydrogen for industry and mobility' territory.

Within the framework of the Energy-Climate law and the Productive Pact, which aim   to develop low-carbon, renewable hydrogen for mobility and industry in France, the three parties, engaged in the energy transition, are joining forces to study the potential for developing  hydrogen in the Ambès zone. At the end of this study phase, the possible uses for the territory and the port will be identified to outline the development of the hydrogen sector. This memorandum follows on from  the partnership formed with ENGIE Solutions and  Nouryon, whose  sodium chlorate  production generates a significant quantity of hydrogen that can be reused within the context of a circular economy approach at territory level.

Focus on hydrogen :
Hydrogen is primarily an energy vector produced from natural gas or by electrolysis of water. Mainly uses in industry (chemistry or refining), hydrogen also ensures the storage of electricity or transport (road, rail or waterways).

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About Bordeaux Port Atlantique :

Ideally positioned on the Atlantic, the port of Bordeaux handles a wide variety of goods: from bulk goods to containers, energy bulk, passengers, etc. Its 7 port terminals spread along the Gironde estuary (Le Verdon, Pauillac, Blaye, Ambès, Grattequina, Bassens and Bordeaux – Port de la Lune) make the port of Bordeaux an effective and versatile tool for the economy of the South-West and beyond. Bordeaux Port Atlantique also has : a number of vessels brought out of the water for technical shutdown,  thousands of tonnes of scrap metal from  end-of-life vessels    re-injected into the circular economy, a port focused on innovation (Vigie SIP, Girond XL 3D), and a strategy that fully rises to the challenges of biodiversity and the energy transition (Peepos). The port activity of Bordeaux Port Atlantique has  created  more than 4,900  direct jobs, in 200 establishments.



About Nexeya :

NEXEYA, a subsidiary of the HENSOLDT Group, is a French manufacturer with 600 employees and a turnover of €100 million. NEXEYA designs, manufactures and maintains complex electronic systems for the Defence, Aerospace, Transport and Energy sectors. NEXEYA develops solutions based on hydrogen for isolated, sensitive sites, microgrids and eco-districts and for port ecosystems.

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