Press release 12 March 2024

Storengy extends the deployment of digital twins at its gas storage

thanks to Samp

The initial deployment, in collaboration with Samp, and the success of the solution on six initial gas storage sites have demonstrated appreciable added value.

Storengy, the European leader in underground natural gas storage, has undertaken an innovative transformation by implementing digital twins at its gas storage sites. The partnership with Samp has enabled the creation of virtual replicas of each of the sites. This revolutionary approach helps with maintenance and modernisation work.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to reliably match thousands of pieces of equipment in the field with their technical diagrams, making it possible to prepare maintenance actions and worksites, and speed up studies, while ensuring controlled monitoring of modifications.

The decision to extend this roll-out to all gas storage sites is motivated by the rapid adoption of this new working environment. It enables experienced users to work more quickly with information that is familiar to them, without having to search for it, reconcile it or check it. It has become an integral part of the welcome and training ritual for newcomers, allowing them to get used to the site and how it works. This online workspace can also be opened up to subcontractors, making it easier to organise work.

The roll-out programme began in 2023 with the Beynes (78), Cerville (54), Saint-Illiers-la-Ville (78), Céré-la-Ronde (37), Chémery (41) and Etrez (01) sites. It will continue in 2024 with the extension to sites in Gournay-sur-Aronde (60), Germigny-sous-Coulombs (77), Tersanne-Hauterives (26) and Trois Fontaines - l'Abbaye (51).

At a time when Storengy is speeding up the adaptation of its infrastructures to meet the increased challenges of the energy transition, the widespread adoption of digital twins is enabling greater operational agility at all levels.