News 22 November 2021

Storengy will be present at Horizons Hydrogène conference

The Horizons Hydrogène conference is taking place on 29 and 30 November 2021 in Paris (Pullman Bercy).

On the occasion of this event, 500 hydrogen professionals are gathering to exchange views

about this growing market and find solutions to be able to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2050.

There is a growing interest for this renewable energy form and in the face of the growing impact of this market, it is essential for decision-makers and other players to fully understand its development potential. More than a hundred speakers representing the main players from the energy market. including Storengy, will be present at the forum and the three themed rooms.

Find out more about Storengy’s participation in this conference on 30 November 2021:

11.00 AM - ROUND TABLE 5: Infrastructure and storage: What part can they play in the hydrogen sector?

  • What type of storage for hydrogen: gaseous, liquid or solid? For which purposes?
  • How to use the existing facilities and adapt them to hydrogen? What has to be done to convert networks?
  • Where to choose a dedicated hydrogen network?
  • With which regulatory framework? At what cost?
  • Which local strategy must be chosen to connect green hydrogen production and utilisation?
  • What about the European level? Is there a perspective for European transportation corridors?


  • Dominique MOCKLY, CEO - TERÉGA
  • Thomas VEYRENC, Managing Director for Strategy, Prospective and Evaluation - RTE
  • Laurent FAVREAU, President of SYDEV, Vice President of the Department of Vendée, Vice President of La Roche Agglomération and Mayor of VENANSAULT
  • Cécile FONTAINE, Head of Legal Service – FNCCR


HyGreen Mobilité is a renewable hydrogen production project located in Manosque and aiming to supply a green mobility station. It will be built and operated by Storengy through its company HyGreen, which is going to be held jointly with DLVAgglo and the Region. This financial arrangement connects private and public players to initiate a dynamical hydrogen sector in this high-potential territory. HyGreen Mobilité actually is the foundation stone of the larger HyGreen Provence programme, located in the region of Fos-Marseille.

  • Renewable hydrogen, a tool for the territorial decarbonation of mobility
  • Why and how to develop a public-private partnership?
  • What business model needs to be imagined? What arrangement shall be implemented?
  • What are the project’s strengths with a view to the industrialisation of the sector?
  • What is the part the HyGreen Mobilité project has to play in the development of the HyGreen Provence programme?


  • Mickaël ROUVIERE, Hydrogen Business Developer – STORENGY
  • Dominique BERTIN – Deputy Director for Territorial Development - Durance Luberon Verdon Agglomération - remote

02.00-03.00 PM – STORENGY – Hypster: Producing and storing green hydrogen at the service of our territories is a reality

• Experimental stockage of hydrogen in salt caverns

• Green hydrogen production

• Deploying a territorial eco-system


  • Anil KALYANPUR, Hydrogen Business Developer – STORENGY
  • Germain HURTADO, Hydrogen Project Manager - STORENGY

04.00-05.00 PM – SIA PARTNERS – Hydrogen and hydrogen storage, a lever of decarbonation and an economic renewal of territories - Case studies applied to the Regions of AuRA, Grand Est and Sud-PACA

  • Sia Partners and Storengy present the results of a study about the potential of hydrogen as a tool for decarbonation, industrialisation of territories and job creation by the year 2030
  • Original analyses performed in three regions, revealing an underestimated potential
  • Underground storage: an unavoidable asset to develop territorial hydrogen eco-systems


  • Yann LESESTRE, Energy & Utilities Consultant – SIA PARTNERS
  • Ony RABETSIMAMANGA, Hydrogen Strategy Officer – STORENGY

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