Press release 05 October 2022

Winter 2022-2023 French gas reserves are now full

In the face of an unprecedented energy crisis, Storengy and Teréga have announced that their gas reserves are now full in preparation for the winter.

In the face of an unprecedented energy crisis, Storengy and Teréga have announced that their gas reserves are now full in preparation for the winter.

In spite of that, sensible use of those reserves throughout the winter, coupled with energy conservation measures, remain essential.

With a central role to play in balancing the gas supply system, and at the very heart of European gas interconnections, Storengy and Teréga’s gas reserves are now full to capacity and ready to support the whole country. As in every winter, they will help secure supplies to the 11 million French consumers.

Storengy and Teréga have highlighted the work done by actors in the gas supply chain and the suppliers, who have gone above and beyond their storage obligations.

To keep ahead of any tensions that may arise in the coming months, sensible use of the reserves, along with a frugal approach to gas and electricity consumption, look necessary right now.

Today we’re reaping the benefit of reforms to storage arrangements that the French government pushed through in 2018 to improve security of the national gas supply. The resulting regulations introduced four years ago allow suppliers to benefit from tools giving them greater flexibility in supplying customers throughout the winter. At the same time, storage operators can guarantee the performance of their sites and their readiness to handle renewable gases.

Pierre Chambon, Director General, Storengy France

Two scenarios are envisaged for this winter:

  • A reference scenario, with an average winter free from any marked cold spells, shows the system to be balanced overall, with no gas deficits (incoming and outgoing flows equal at 393 TWh). However, there is little room for manoeuvre, particularly on the days of highest consumption.
  • In the event of a very cold winter, the winter deficit could be as much as 16 TWh, representing 5% of winter consumption. That level can be absorbed if the energy frugality targets set by the authorities are achieved. Even so, all sources will then need to be mobilised (reserves, LNG terminals and interconnections) to meet national consumption.

This level of reserves confirms the system’s reliability and the reliability of the French gas infrastructure. However, we cannot afford to let up on our energy conservation efforts, an integral part of the measures allowing us to ensure that the gas network remains available in the event of a cold spell. In the medium term, that work will also lay the foundations for Europe’s energy transition and energy sovereignty.

Dominique Mockly, Chairman and CEO of Teréga

About Teréga

Established in South-West France, at the crossroads between major European gas flows, Teréga has exercised exceptional expertise for over 75 years in the development of gas transport and storage infrastructures. Today, it continues to develop innovative solutions to overcome the major energy challenges facing France and Europe. A true accelerator of the energy transition, Teréga operates over 5,000 km of pipelines and 2 underground storage reservoirs representing 16% of the French gas transport network and 26% of national storage capacity. The company had a turnover of €488 million in 2021, and it has about 650 employees.

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