Storengy, a stakeholder committed to the energy transition, takes action to reduce its environmental footprint and improve its energy efficiency

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10 April 2018 18:34

Bois-Colombes, April 10 2018 – Storengy, one of the world's leading underground gas storage operators, is leveraging its sites on behalf of local authorities and the energy transition.

The company is firmly committed to an energy efficiency process based on innovation and the ongoing quest for new solutions in order to reduce its environmental footprint and optimise its energy performance. Storengy's 21 industrial sites in France, Germany and the UK focus on managing atmospheric emissions, water, energy and industrial waste, as well as preserving and restoring ecosystems.

With a view to achieving the goal of reducing its environmental footprint by 20% by 2020, Storengy recently signed a contract to supply green electricity covering all consumption for its sites in France. This contract guarantees the use of 100% renewable energy, making it possible to prevent more than 5,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year when supplying the 14 sites in questions, i.e. around one hundred supply points.

In Germany, Storengy's industrial sites are already firmly committed to the process of shrinking their environmental footprint and, to this end, are using green electricity for all of its sites. Photovoltaic panels were installed last November on the Harsefeld site. They will make it possible to generate around 130 MWh per year (94% used directly on-site, 6% injected back into the transmission grid) and will help cut the site's electricity bill, i.e. equivalent to 80 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided.

At the same time, the fully digitalised management of generation will make it possible, within two years, to ensure total control over electricity consumption by optimising industrial processes across all sites. For example, procedures specify the compressor usage priorities depending on customer nominations and requested flow and pressure levels. In the United Kingdom, an IT tool was developed at the Stublach site (Northwich, Cheshire) to optimise their use, slashing by 40% the amount of electricity consumed per cubic metre of gas transmitted.

The company also wants to measure its CH4 emissions as efficiently as possible and take action to reduce them. Accordingly, Storengy has reiterated its commitment to the energy transition and its determination to significantly reduce its energy consumption.

In addition to its commitments regarding energy consumption and the development of renewable energy, Storengy has made clear its desire to factor biodiversity into its corporate strategy and focus on it. Accordingly, ecological diagnostics are being conducted on its land assets to develop activities designed to maintain existing biodiversity and improve its potential, the aim being to contribute to the reconstruction of Green and Blue Belts. The ecological management of green spaces has been established, making it possible to eliminate the use of plant protection products on multiple industrial sites.

For Storengy, committing to the energy transition and making its expertise available to the local authorities now and in the future are priorities. Pilot projects in decarbonised energy production and storage (such as power to gas), renewable gases and green mobility are in either the study or commissioning phase on the company's sites in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.


About Storengy
Storengy, a subsidiary of ENGIE, is one of Europe's leading operators of natural gas storage facilities. With 60 years' experience, it designs, develops and operates all types of storage facilities and provides its customers with innovative products based on its extensive experience in many different markets and their respective environments. Storengy operates in Europe (France, Germany and the United Kingdom) and has gradually expanded its operations around the world. It owns 21 natural gas storage sites with a total capacity of 12.2 billion m3. As an active player in the energy transition, Storengy offers its technical expertise to numerous partners around the world with a view to developing geothermal projects (heat and power production) and innovative energy storage solutions

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