Partnership between gas and renewable energy: Solar energy for the Harsefeld storage site

Date :
19 April 2018 18:34

 Harsefeld, 19 April 2018

 On a sunny day, Storengy Deutschland GmbH has officially put into operation a newly installed photovoltaic system at the Harsefeld underground natural gas storage site.

The panels are installed on the roofs of the site buildings and will produce about 130 MWh/year, which corresponds to a reduction in CO2 emissions by 80 tons/year. Part of the produced power will be used to cover the site's basic consumption while the surplus electricity will be injected into the local network.

In his opening address, General Manager Alain Caracatzanis underlined the industry's responsibility for climate protection. He highlighted the crucial role Storengy's natural gas storage facilities play in energy supply security. Nonetheless, further steps need to be taken towards climate-neutral energy supply. “It is with sustainable projects such as the photovoltaic system in Harsefeld that we assume this responsibility and pursue our target to reduce our ecological footprint in the long run and contribute to the energy transition.

The Harsefeld storage site is a forerunner of our strategy.” Mayor Rainer Schlichtmann also appreciated Storengy's contribution to an ecologic community.

The Harsefeld natural gas storage site has been contributing significantly to the energy supply security for more than 25 years. Thanks to its high withdrawal capacity it is best placed to ensure flexible and reliable natural gas storage. Harsefeld benefits from its expertise in its core business and has installed photovoltaic panels as the first German gas storage facility: an ideal interaction between gas and renewable energy in line with the energy transition.

Our commitment for more climate friendliness is a company-wide concern: Pilot projects for the production and storage of carbon-free energy forms (such as Power-to-Gas) and the development of renewable gas and green mobility are currently in progress in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

About Storengy

Storengy, a subsidiary of ENGIE, is one of Europe's leading operators of natural gas storage facilities. With 60 years' experience, it designs, develops and operates all types of storage facilities and provides its customers with innovative products based on its extensive experience in many different markets and their respective environments.

Storengy operates in Europe (France, Germany and the United Kingdom) and has gradually expanded its operations around the world. It owns 21 natural gas storage sites with a total capacity of 12.2 billion m3. As an active player in the energy transition, Storengy offers its technical expertise to numerous partners around the world with a view to developing geothermal projects (heat and power production) and innovative energy storage solutions.

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