Storengy provides technical support to convert a depleted field into a storage site at Cornegliano in Italy

Date :
11 April 2019 00:00

Bois-Colombes, 11 April, 2019 – Since May 2018, Storengy has supported Ital Gas Storage (IGS) in its project for converting a depleted field into an Underground Gas Storage (UGS) facility in Cornegliano Laudense at about 30km from Milan (Lombardy – Italy).

The UGS was commissioned at the end of 2018 and now in operation since December. Storengy advises IGS with a review of reservoir modelling, support to commissioning and complementary session for the future operators, follow-up injection of cushion gas (ramp-up phase), performance optimization.

Ital Gas Storage is the first independent operator in the Italian gas storage sector.
On 15 March 2011, it obtained a concession, with a total duration of 40 years, for the realisation and commissioning of a gas storage facility to be built in a depleted gas reservoir.

Thanks to 60 years’ experience as operator of 21 storage sites in Europe and the solid know-how of numerous surface and subsurface experts, IGS entrusted Storengy with this technical support agreement. Storengy will bring to IGS its extensive experience in UGS in porous reservoir (depleted and aquifers). Moreover, Storengy will use internal IT software to evaluate the technical performance of this UGS.

The contract started in May 2018 with the review of existing geological and reservoir models. Storengy has supported IGS for the successful commissioning of the site and to define the technical performances of the UGS. Storengy is now participating follow-up of the conversion of the reservoir during the first year of commercialization.

“Storengy is very pleased to support Ital Gas Storage in this critical step. This contract shows the key-player position of Storengy in the development of new underground gas storages in an international scale” said Cécile Prévieu, Chief Executive Officer of Storengy BU.

About Storengy
Storengy, an ENGIE subsidiary, is one of the world leaders in underground natural gas storage. It designs, builds and operates storage facilities and offers its customers innovative products based on the extensive know-how it has acquired through 60 years’ experience with different markets and regulatory environments. The company owns 21 natural gas storage sites with a total capacity of 12.2 billion m3. Drawing on its world-renowned knowledge and its experience in storage operation and sales in France, Germany and the UK, Storengy is positioned today as a key player in the development of geothermal energy (heat/cold production and power generation), as well as innovative production and storage solutions for low-carbon energy (biomethane, hydrogen, Power-to-Gas, synthetic methane, …). Storengy supplies its know-how to customers worldwide in a vast range of projects, favouring an industrial approach forged around partnerships.

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