Safety at Storengy

At the top of our commitments and priorities are health and safety.

Safety: our priority

Guaranteeing the safety of our teams and partner companies is an absolute prerequisite for Storengy's activities.

Health and safety at work

Storengy supports its teams daily to achieve a lasting and constant reduction in health and safety risks and work-related injuries and illnesses. It places these at the heart of its concerns in its actions towards its employees and partner companies.

Industrial safety

Because the safety of everyone - employees, partners, and residents - is paramount, Storengy closely monitors its facilities, their maintenance, and surveillance. Storengy ensures that its sites are running smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via operators in the control rooms at each of its storage sites.

The company is also strengthening its measures to control major risks and its ability to react in the event of an unforeseen event, by constantly improving its system. This includes a system for declaring and identifying hazardous situations and regular emergency drills.

To support and structure its commitments and ensure that they are part of a continuous improvement process, Storengy relies on its integrated management system, which is regularly assessed in the following areas:

Safety Management System for the prevention of major accident risks

Quality, with ISO 9001 certification

Environment, with ISO 14001 certification

Energy, with ISO 50001 certification

Regular checks on the actions' effectiveness ensure our system continues improving.

Safety and cyber security

Because, as an industrial operator, Storengy must be prepared to deal with different types of threats, our teams are constantly working to take account of safety and cyber-security risks. Storengy employees are made aware of safety and cybersecurity through various preventive activities. Dedicated teams are also responsible for risk management and surveillance.