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Our innovations

We are actively involved in the development of very low-temperature geothermal energy in order to meet all types of needs.

Storengy - Geothermy - Our innovations

Very low-temperature geothermal energy

Low-energy geothermal energy is a clean energy source which is playing a major part in the energy transition. Used with heat pumps, it adapts to the requirements of winter and summer for several buildings or an entire housing area. Public and private developers choose this high-potential solution for low carbon projects such as eco-districts and smart buildings.  

The only solution supplying heat, cold and cooling, it uses heat from any underground location or from aquifers and, under certain circumstances, from former mines. Low-temperature geothermal energy is found very close to the surface and draws heat from a depth of 10 to 200 metres at temperatures below 30° C.

NBAlso called aquathermal energy, very low-temperature geothermal energy includes geothermal installations of minimal importance using shallow geothermal energy.

G-STORE, Storengy’s offer to meet all needs

With G-STORE, we offer a robust and technically integrated solution to guarantee a competitive and economical energy supply. It applies to:

  • residential and commercial buildings,
  • larger-scale development projects such as university campuses, mixed-use development zones and hospitals,
  • industrial parks,
  • farming projects such as greenhouses.

G-STORE offers three different very low-temperature geothermal energy solutions perfectly suited to its customers’ needs and to the local geological situation.

The five strengths of G-STORE

A green and local solution

This energy generates very few greenhouse gas emissions and is accessible in 90% of the country.

A renewable and available energy source

Independent of weather conditions, underground energy is predictable and constantly available.

A flexible solution

Our technology is scalable to projects of any size, from buildings to neighbourhoods.

reliable technology

Our solution is proven to be competitive and efficient.

Direct supply

G-STORE allows for seasonal storage of heating and cooling for buildings and eco-neighbourhoods.

The facility supplies energy directly from below ground to the building or eco-neighbourhood.