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Our innovations

In keeping with our goal of achieving global sustainable energy, we have aligned ourselves with innovative and efficient technologies.

storengy - power-to-gas

In February 2019, Storengy became a shareholder of Electrochaea, a major operator of the methanation process in the PowertoGas market in both Europe and the United States.

Innovation and efficiency

Electrochaea provides Storengy with a reactor that combines hydrogen with CO2 in order to produce synthesis methane through biological methanation. L’intérêt de cette solution est qu’elle n’a pas besoin de hautes températures pour fonctionner. Storengy believes that the Power‑to‑Gas market needs flexible facilities, i.e. facilities that can start and stop operating at any time in order to cope with power generation and consumption fluctuations. Electrochaea’s reactor offers that flexibility because it does not need to operate at high temperatures.

Storengy’s role in this partnership

As operator and integrator, we control and manage the entire Power‑to‑Gas process from electrolysis to the final stage of onboarding renewable-energy customers. Combing our expertise with that of Electrochaea gives us an opportunity to lead the field in a growing market.