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Our expertise

To make the zero carbon transition a success, Storengy relies on various areas of expertise.

storengy - notre expertise

Natural gas storage

An ENGIE subsidiary, Storengy is a European leader in underground natural gas storage facilities.
We have been designing, developing and operating storage facilities for 70 years and provide our customers with innovative solutions based on our extensive experience of different markets and environments.

Storengy has globally-acknowledged expertise and a long track-record of marketing storage facilities in France, Germany and the UK. 
Today, we bring all this expertise to our global partners and customers in China, Brazil, Turkey, Chile, Mexico and elsewhere in the world.

We encourage an industrial partnership framework across a wide range of projects.

Our leading position is strengthened by our expertise in subsurface sciences combined with skills as diverse as:

  • market analysis,
  • drilling techniques,
  • underground reservoir engineering,
  • the operation of surface industrial facilities,
  • a command of industrial safety issues,
  • the marketing of storage facilities. 

Pour plus d’informations sur le stockage de gaz naturel et la nécessité d’offrir de la flexibilité, cliquez ici.

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Geothermal solutions

Geothermal energy is the production of energy directly recovered from below ground. That is why it is called “green energy”.In collaboration with other ENGIE subsidiaries and partners, Storengy is a key player in the development of geothermal energy.We have been developing the use of subsurface resources and our network of 600 wells since the start of our company. Today, we bring this solid industry-specific experience to our high- and low-temperature geothermal sites. We support our partners in their geothermal projects, whether for district heating networks or power generation. Our skills range from catchment studies to subsurface operations.

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Innovative storage solutions and carbon-free energy production

Drawing on significant and long-established expertise in natural gas storage, Storengy is innovating and taking a new direction by starting to produce and store renewable energies such as hydrogen, biomethane and synmethane, also known as “carbon-free energies”.This is a new field for us in comparison with the natural gas projects we have worked on in the past.
However, we are still able to use the project management skills we have developed up to now as they are perfectly suited to our current challenges.

Our 360° approach means that we can now offer end-to-end management of carbon-free energy projects.

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