Producing and storing biomethane

Through our subsidiary ENGIE BiOZ, we are one of the leading producers of biomethane in France.

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In February 2019, ENGIE BiOZ acquires the Vol-V Biomasse company and becomes the leading producer of biomethane in France.

Today, ENGIE BiOZ, a subsidiary of Storengy, is among the leaders in renewable gas production in France with nearly 20 units in operation.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • promoting the development of renewable energies in the territories where we operate
  • reliance on the local network
  • developing relationships with farmers.

ENGIE BiOZ brings to these projects all its expertise in biogas. Thanks to its skills in project management assistance, Storengy completes this know-how and supports ENGIE BiOZ in the management and construction of the projects.

Innovation and development

Azola is a start-up incubated by Storengy. It is developing a liquid biomethane storage solution that allows producers to recover 10% more methane.

R&D for "leverage" solutions

We call "leverage" solutions the answers that seek to increase the value of biogas. The MéthyCentre project, for example, uses this type of solution by coupling methanisation and a Power-to-Gas unit. How it works: Methanisation produces CO2. Instead of being released into the atmosphere, it is directly used in the Power-to-Gas process, which uses CO2 and hydrogen to produce synthetic methane. Thus, all the CO2 is recovered. It is therefore a solution with a "leverage effect".