Our expertise

Teams on the ground, for each project... 

As an operator of industrial sites, Storengy designs solutions for the storage of natural gas and hydrogen and ensures that they are implemented in the field. 

Thanks to our experts, we can support you in your projects

The GIP, Well Intervention Group

Over the past 70 years, Storengy has trained its teams of experts in well architecture design, drilling management, workover and snubbing, maintenance operations, cable work, logging and well integrity management, as well as long-term operational monitoring.

During the operating phase, Storengy manages the performance of the wells and ensures their operational follow-up by carrying out maintenance operations.

The Expertise Center

Our know-how covers all the subsoil sciences (geophysics, geostatistics, rock mechanics, solution mining) and all the surface engineering (compression, processing, command control, etc.). Our engineers can predict and control the behaviour of salt caverns, depleted deposits and aquifer storage thanks to high-performance modelling tools developed in-house.

They are experienced in complex surface worksites. Storengy is internationally recognised, particularly for its expertise in salt caverns: site identification, cavern leaching, technical and contractual management of brine and thermodynamic expertise. For any question concerning well intervention management or the expertise centre, contact us.