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Underground natural gas storage

A leader in underground natural gas storage, Storengy has solid historical expertise.

Storengy -  Underground gas storage

Underground storage - Presentation

Our historical expertise, natural gas storage, presents multiple challenges. 


Photo of a Storengy employee wearing safety equipment on a storage site, analysing the pipes.

Our expertise

We have been developing solid expertise in natural gas storage for 70 years. 


Photo of a treatment plant at a storage site with a close-up of pipes.

Our types of storage facilities

Storage in natural aquifers or in salt caverns: Storengy manages various types of storage


Photo of a treatment facility at a storage site. Pipes and wellheads can be seen.

Our storage sites

Our natural gas storage sites are located in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Back shot of a Storengy employee wearing safety equipment. He is at the top of a ladder on a processing tower.