Our expertise

We have been developing solid expertise in natural gas storage for 70 years. 

Storengy has the skills needed to qualify and develop sites. The company also has expertise in marketing and operating storage sites for all four available technologies: aquifer storage, salt caverns, depleted deposits and lined mined caverns. Discover here the extent of our know-how. 

Our underground expertise, from exploration to operations

Our areas of expertise

We intervene at the beginning of a gas storage project to evaluate a site, its subsurface and its surface.

To qualify potential sites, we need to do the following:

  • interpret the seismic data
  • study the reservoir engineering
  • drill exploration, control and exploitation wells, and then carry out tests on these wells
  • observe the mechanical and thermodynamic behaviour of rocks and caverns.

Our fields of intervention


On site, our teams carry out operations on drilling sites, study seismic campaigns, supervise sites and carry out electrical geophysical recordings.

Studies and tools

At Storengy, dedicated teams have expertise in:

  • porous media from geology to reservoir engineering
  • the fields of salt engineering
  • reservoir simulation
  • modelling of salt caverns

Multiple skills in surface engineering

The stages of the project

Project definition, feasibility study, development, supervision, control, and contract execution.

Our interventions

As owners, we take over the project management, and we study the development of new installations or upgrade existing ones.

We manage the operation and maintenance of:

  • storage sites
  • rotating machines
  • piping and installations
  • electrical equipment.