Storengy has set itself the aim of being a customer-oriented, innovative storer of energy committed to the energy transition:

• Europe’s premier storer of energies, as close as possible to its customers

• Technical competencies focused on future energy solutions

• A company open to partnerships and with international ambition

• A stakeholder dedicated to development at local level

• An aspirational company where everyone can thrive and grow

Storengy, an ENGIE subsidiary, is Europe’s leading provider of natural gas storage services.It designs, builds and operates storage facilities and offers its customers innovative products based on the extensive know-how it has acquired through 60 years’ experience with different markets and regulatory environments.

Drawing on its world-renowned knowledge and its experience in storage sales in France, Germany and the UK, Storengy supplies expert solutions to partners and customers worldwide (in China, Brazil, Turkey, Chile, Mexico and other countries besides) in a vast range of projects, favouring an industrial approach forged around partnerships.

Storengy owes its current position to its expertise in subsurface sciences, combined with high-level skills as varied as market analysis, drilling techniques, underground reservoir engineering, surface facility operation, industrial safety management and sale of storage capacity.Underground natural gas storage is vital for keeping the gas chain flexible.

Storage makes it possible to meet the modulation needs arising from seasonal fluctuations and the short-term flexibility needs expressed by demand peaks.

Furthermore, storage plays an essential role in the security of the gas system: it acts as a valuable backup should a natural gas source be temporarily unavailable, thus bolstering the security of the energy supply.Its winning combination of multi-disciplinary teams, cutting-edge expertise and a strong innovation culture has made Storengy a key player in the development of geothermal energy (heat production and electricity generation) and the creation of pioneering energy storage solutions.


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Energy is our future, save it!