With operations in France since 1956 when the first underground natural gas storage facility in Beynes was commissioned, Storengy now operates 14 storage sites.
Reflecting the opportunities provided by the underground geology of France and the need to increase gas infrastructure, over the past 60 years, Storengy has developed aquifer, salt cavern and depleted field storage sites.

Key figures :

  • 10 billion m3 of storage capacities
  • 14 storage sites
    • 9 aquifers
    • 4 salt caverns (one is operated for a third party)
    • 1 depleted field
  • 880 employees

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Storengy operates in Germany through two subsidiaries that own six storage sites.
Storengy Deutschland GmbH, with its head office in Berlin, owns and sells the storage capacity at the German sites, and is one of the top four underground natural gas storage operators in Germany with a 8 % market share.

Storengy Deutschland Betrieb GmbH, based in Hanover, is responsible for operating and maintaining these sites.

Key figures :

  • 1,7 billion m3 of storage capacities
  • 6 storage sites
    • 3 depleted fields
    • 3 salt caverns
  • around 150 employees

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United Kingdom

Storengy operates an underground natural gas storage project in salt caverns in Stublach, Cheshire, through its subsidiary Storengy UK Ltd.
It will be one of the largest salt cavity storage facilities in the United Kingdom.
The first two caverns became operational in 2014 and Storengy UK now operates the first 40 million m3 of natural gas storage. The site will have up to 20 caverns with a capacity of 400 million m3 and a withdrawal rate of up to 30 million m3 per day.
Full site commissioning is scheduled for 2020.

Key figures :

  • 400 million m3 of storage capacities in progress
  • 35 employees

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