The energy transition

To succeed in the energy transition and build a sustainable world, Storengy is convinced that solutions must be found locally

Why opt for solutions on a territorial scale?

We believe that thinking locally allows us to respond to:

  • an environmental objective by reducing the carbon footprint since the energy requires less transportation;
  • a social objective by supporting the surrounding economic activities and local employment;
  • a societal objective by enhancing the links between the inhabitants, the representatives of public institutions and various industries.

How can these ideas be implemented?

Local solutions must be collective

This means that Storengy must work hand in hand with the various local players in a partnership approach.

The idea is to create local energy networks in which the roles and skills of the players complement each other. This is what we call a local ecosystem.

Within a territory, everyone can have a role to play.

Today, we are witnessing this profound change which consists in reducing fossil fuels to favour decarbonised energies. The objective is to fight against global warming and also to reduce CO2 emissions. Having become aware of the importance of environmental issues, citizens tend to consume more responsibly, helped by local solutions within their territories. At the same time, population growth implies an increase in energy demand. It is therefore necessary to find solutions to satisfy this demand, while preserving the planet.

If renewable energies from photovoltaic panels, solar or wind turbines are increasingly used, their operation is variable since it depends on weather conditions. It is therefore necessary to bring flexibility to an energy system to promote the transition to low-carbon energy. 

How can we do this? By storing energy during periods of high production, in order to redistribute it during periods of lower production.

Storengy and the energy transition

Putting our storage skills to work for the energy transition

By leveraging our expertise and know-how historically linked to natural gas, we are now adapting our storage solutions to all types of energy. This enables us to meet the need for flexibility – energy flows are modulated and the balance between energy demand and supply is guaranteed. Natural gas continues to have a significant role to play in this energy transition. It complements or replaces alternative energies in a safe and economical way. Moreover, natural gas remains a reasonably clean solution that emits significantly less CO2 and particles than all competing fossil fuels.

At the same time, Storengy is adapting its storage facilities to accommodate hydrogen and biomethane.