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A new energy industry across our regions

Storengy is firmly convinced that local solutions must be found in order to achieve a successful energy transition.

Storengy - A new energy industry across our regions

Why opt for local solutions?

We believe that by conducting discussions locally, we will be able to meet:

  • an environmental objective by reducing the carbon footprint, since the energies will require less transport,
  • an economic objective by supporting economic activity in the surrounding areas and local employment,
  • a social objective by leveraging links between local residents, representatives of public institutions and industries.
storengy objectives
storengy objectives

How can these ideas be implemented?

The local solutions must be collective. For Storengy, this means working closely with the various regional players, using a partnership approach.
The aim is to create local energy networks in which the roles and competencies of the players complement one other.
This is known as an energy hub.

Here is an example to illustrate this:

Let's suppose we want to supply green gas to a geographical area using the waste produced in that area, treated using a methanisation process. The players involved in this energy hub could be:

  • the farmers who provide the waste from their farms,
  • industries in the region looking to recycle their waste,
  • local authorities who want to develop renewable energies,
  • etc.

At a local level, everyone can have a role to play.

energy hub