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Our challenges

Today, our main challenge is a successful energy transition to construct a sustainable world.

Storengy - Our challenges

At the same time, a growing population increases the demand for energy. Solutions must be found to meet this demand while safeguarding the planet.
Storengy has taken on the major challenge of supplying consumers with energy and leading the energy transition, bringing its expertise to facilitate a smooth changeover.

Storengy, an innovative partner for a new energy world

Although renewable energies are more widely available, their mode of operation varies as it is dependent on the weather. The energy system needs to be more flexible in order to smooth the transition to carbon-free energies. How? By storing energy during periods of high production in order to redistribute it in periods of lower production.

Storengy and the energy transition: rising up to the challenges ahead

Challenge 1: place our storage expertise to the service of energy transition

We draw on our long-standing expertise and know-how in natural gas to adapt our storage solutions to all types of energy. In doing so, we can satisfy the demand for flexibility by modulating energy flows and ensuring the balance between energy demand and supply.
Natural gas has a key role to play in the energy transition, providing a reliable and economical way to supplement or replace alternative energies. Furthermore, natural gas is a reasonably clean solution that generates significantly lower CO2 and particle emissions in comparison with all other fossil fuels.

Challenge 2: spearhead the development of renewable energies

To make the energy transition, we need to step up the production of renewable energies so that they become an increasingly important power source. Storengy is developing these energies in the form of hydrogen, biomethane and synmethane. Our aim is to control the whole process from production to distribution across the entire network.

Challenge 3: become an essential player in geothermal energy

Geothermal energy, known as green power, taps underground energy. We strongly believe that harnessing this readily available energy is essential for the energy transition. We rely on our highly specialised expertise in geoscience, as well as on our wells and above-ground facilities, to expand our exploitation of geothermal energy.