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Our vision for 2030

We at Storengy firmly believe in local and collective solutions and in the idea of multiple energies.

Storengy - Our vision for 2030

Objective for 2030: converging the gas and electricity networks

Storengy has set itself the objective of converging the renewable gas and the electricity grids to:

  • supply industrial consumers with power,
  • promote green mobility,
  • provide heat.

We believe that our expertise at each step of the value chain is a strength to achieve this goal by 2030.

We can:

  • produce and store hydrogen and renewable gases,
  • convert electricity to gas using our expertise in the Power-to-Gas process,
  • inject renewable gases into the grid.

Vision 2030


A future with geothermal energy

In a world where local solutions are a priority, geothermal energy has a vital role to play in preparing a sustainable future by tapping underground sources. Geothermal energy is used to produce electricity: this is called deep geothermal energy. It can also be used to heat a region by creating heating and cooling grids. In this case it’s either low-temperature geothermal energy or very low-temperature geothermal energy. Storengy can use geothermal energy to supply power, heating and cooling to an entire region or eco-neighbourhood, for instance, since it can offer all three types of geothermal energy (deep, low-temperature and very low-temperature).



Different players with a shared objective

Several essential players are needed to develop renewable energy sources. Storengy works with cities, local authorities, industry operators, transport companies and many other players to ensure that all of these sustainable projects for a new energy future are completed by 2030.