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CSR and biodiversity

We at Storengy are proud to instil ecological transition values and share them with local players.

Storengy - CSR and biodiversity

As a company fully committed to the energy and ecological transition, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives carry strong ambitions around the three axes of Sustainable Development:

  • Social/Societal around dialogue and consultation with stakeholders, as well as human development;
  • Environmental with the preservation of biodiversity, the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency, and adaptation to climate change;
  • Economy through support for the socio-economic development of territories and the creation of sustainable value with local stakeholders, which enables us to strengthen our local roots in the regions where we operate.

Through our activities, our CSR policy addresses 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

Managing CSR

Our CSR policy is at the heart of the company’s strategy. It is deployed through concrete actions at all our sites in France and Europe and monitored by indicators in line with the expectations of our stakeholders and Storengy's challenges.

The operational management of CSR is entrusted to the CSR, Biodiversity and Territories teams who rely on a network of local correspondents and experts to lead and implement action plans throughout the territory.

Contributing to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity

In order to preserve the environment and biodiversity, and make it a lever of socio-economic performance, we contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint through several concrete actions:

  • In France, our voluntary commitment for biodiversity is demonstrated since April 2014 by our support to the National Biodiversity Strategy (SNB). This approach allows us to perpetuate and include our actions in the vision, strategic orientations and objectives defined by the SNB.

In France, all the sites have adopted this approach and have implemented it in concrete terms: abandonment of phytosanitary products, implementation of ecological management of green spaces, development of local partnerships...

  • Storengy supports act4nature, an initiative launched by the Association of French Companies for the Environment (EpE), to protect, valorise and restore biodiversity. By supporting act4nature, Storengy seizes an opportunity to strengthen its commitment to the SNB contributes to the preservation of biodiversity through 12 commitments.
  • By signing a tripartite agreement between Storengy, the ENGIE Foundation and the National Museum of Natural History, acting on behalf of the National Botanical Conservatory of the Paris Basin (CBNBP), we have been able to concretise an introduction project for an endangered species, water averns, at our site in Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, which is located within the Regional Natural Park of Vexin Français.
  • In order to strengthen its actions in terms of biodiversity preservation and restauration of natural ecosystems, Storengy is now finalising the implementation of a national agreement with the bird protection organisation Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux. This partnership follows several local collaborations at some Storengy sites which have become “LPO refuges”.
  • With regard to its many industrial facilities, energy efficiency is one of Storengy's major challenges. In 2019, 100%of Storengy’s storage sites were certified ISO 50001 in France.

In the United Kingdom, Storengy supports local municipalities to improve the energy efficiency of their public buildings. For example, the Stublach site has set up a local investment fund for energy efficiency in five local municipalities.

In France and Germany, the entire consumption of our facilities is covered by a green electricity supply contract.


Commitment to our stakeholders

Storengy is committed to making the diversity of profiles a strategic asset and enabling its employees to evolve in a company where everyone can blossom, develop and progress in complete safety.

In addition, Storengy is committed to ensuring that its activities benefit not only the stakeholders of the projects developed, but also the entire territory. For several years now, we have therefore undertaken and developed a proactive consultation process with all of our stakeholders.

  • The health and safety of employees and subcontractors is Storengy's first golden rule. 
  • Professional equality between women and men is at the heart of Storengy's CSR policy. This commitment is expressed through company agreements. We are actively working to promote female access to technical professions by supporting associations which work to open up the field of possibilities to girls in science, the industry and engineering. For the past two years, 5 Patrons and 5 Advisors have been working with pupils and students at events organised by the association Elles bougent (Women’s Engineering Sciences, Elles bougent for Energy, Industry Week).

Storengy is also committed in the fight against sexism and sexual harassment. The company’s sexism and sexual harassment referents are working to accompany all collaborators of the company.

A look at the Professional Equality Index

In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir law of 5 September 2018 aimed at eliminating the pay gap between women and men, companies with at least 50 employees must publish their gender equality index on their website as of 1 March 2020. This Index corresponds to the sum of results obtained by the company for each of the following 4 indicators:

Index d'égalité professionnelle 2021

Professional equality between women and men is at the heart of the company's HR and CSR policy and is divided into three areas:

  • promoting female access to technical professions
  • ensuring professional equality 
  • combating sexism and sexual harassment
  • Storengy supports and promotes the professional integration, access to and maintaining employment for people with a disability. Storengy's management is committed to developing employment and support for people with disabilities through company-wide agreements. As part of this policy, Storengy has undertaken to distribute the majority of its work-study and internship offers as a priority to partner associations working in this field and to the Disability Missions of its partner schools. Each year, all collaborators are sensitised to the different forms of disabilities during the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities.
  • In order to ensure a caring work environment, an international network of Quality of Life at Work referents is working to develop actions locally and co-construct projects with the site collaborators to improve quality of life at work and promote conviviality.
  • Furthermore, Storengy is encouraging its collaborators to support solidarity and environmental projects.

Thus, each year, 5 employees take part in environmental projects in different countries (Ecuador, Cameroon...), in coordination with local associations, through the Congé Solidaire© programme developed by the public utility association Planète Urgence.

For the past two years, Storengy’s employees have also been mobilising for the on-line solidarity challenge “Je marche pour Apprentis d’Auteuil” (50 participants in 2018, 100 participants in 2019). The funds collected at the end of the three-week challenge are donated to the Fondation Apprentis d'Auteuil for the benefit of the Maisons des Familles.

Since 2017, about ten Storengy employees have been working as volunteers at the Salon Jeunes d’Avenirs to support young people in their search for employment.

  • The development of interactions with territorial stakeholders is also at the heart of Storengy’s CSR policy. In France and the United Kingdom, 100% of Storengy’s industrial sites are covered by a stakeholder dialogue and consultation mechanism. This dialogue also involves the systematic use of a tool to monitor these interactions, to develop them and to identify the challenges of the territory, in order to respond to them and strengthen our local anchoring.

Our partners: ARPEJEH, Elles bougent, Planète Urgence, Fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil, Club FACE…


Supporting and accompanying territorial development

As an actor committed to the territory, our CSR policy is a project for the creation of sustainable and shared value. Actions engaged locally are a means to improve our positive public image and contribute to the development of territories.

  • Since 2019, as part of its responsible purchasing policy, Storengy has been using the EcoVadis platform, which facilitates the responsible management of the company's suppliers, both nationally and internationally, by sharing and monitoring their CSR performance. The aim is to guarantee that Storengy’s CSR requirements are complied with in the company’s entire value chain.
  • From 2019, we have developed the Bee to Bio© offer. This service accompanies businesses in the development of their environmental and societal approach, from ecologic engineering to green waste recovery and dialogue with territorial stakeholders. Through this service offer, our objective is to address several environmental challenges: the preservation of biodiversity, pollution limitation, water management and savings, green waste reduction and management…
  • In order to better take account of and measure our societal and environmental impacts, we have initiated a method to calculate the territorial value creation and socio-economic impacts generated by the company’s activity at different pilot sites. Through this methodology, Storengy aims to improve its positive local public image at site level.
  • In order to pursue its efforts to identify these positive externalities, Storengy is working to continuously improve the quality of its client relationships with its historical stakeholders.