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CSR and biodiversity

We at Storengy are proud to instil ecological transition values and share them with local players.

Storengy - CSR and biodiversity

Our CSR policy is consistent with the ISO 26000 international standard and actively contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


The company's governing bodies are all entirely committed to the CSR policy.
They approve the main thrust of the policy and support its roll-out at all levels of the company. They also ensure compliance with ethical principles.
CSR is embedded in our company's overall strategy.

Our five CSR commitments


Be a major player in ecological transition and energy efficiency 

  • 20% reduction in the environmental footprint of the circular economy
  • 1 energy transition project per site
  • 5% increase in waste recovery and development of the circular economy
  • 100% of sites implementing the National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS) in France


Work in a company where everyone can thrive, grow and move forward safely

  • Storengy UK's Investors in People accreditation: management standard that aims to optimise performance by enhancing employees' skills and motivation

Regions and stakeholders

Contribute to local development through constructive dialogue with stakeholders

Customers and partners

Be a partner of choice for service quality and innovation

  • Quality of customer relations


Create wealth through the CSR policy and measure it.

Storengy - biodiversité

Biodiversity, a driver of performance

At Storengy, we want to make the preservation of biodiversity a driving force of economic, managerial and social performance.

That is why we have set ourselves the goal of reducing our environmental footprint by 20% by taking these practical actions:

  • Engagement with Act4Nature, an initiative launched by Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE), to protect, enhance and restore biodiversity.
    Read the press release
  • Management of airborne emissions, water, energy and industrial waste, as well as the conservation and restoration of ecosystems 
  • Green electricity supply contract covering the entire consumption of our sites in France
  • Use of green electricity by all of our German sites
  • Fully digital production management: total control over power consumption by 2021

In France, our voluntary commitment to biodiversity took practical form in April 2014 when we adopted the National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS). With this initiative, we can sustain our actions and make them a part of the vision, strategic options and goals defined by the NBS.