Hydrogen and e-methane

We are developing solutions to produce hydrogen and synthetic methane. 

Storengy and companies 

Discover our offers for the storage and production of renewable energy 

Do you want to reduce your CO2 emissions in your industry, make your energy consumption and fleet of vehicles green?  

We offer you the following: 

  • a turnkey solution, reliable and adapted to each project, at an optimised cost 
  • renewable hydrogen produced as close as possible to your needs instead of grey hydrogen transported over long distances by truck
  • possible sharing of hydrogen uses with other needs (mobility, methanation, etc.)
  • invest with you, if necessary, to reduce your carbon footprint

Storengy and local authorities 

Do you want to have efficient transportation and a reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to hydrogen and natural biogas vehicle mobility (trains, buses, vehicle fleets, bicycles)? 

We propose to you the following: 

  • personalised support and a turnkey solution adapted to each project
  • optimised cost by sharing hydrogen with other needs (industry, methanation, etc.)
  • renewable hydrogen produced as close as possible to your needs rather than fuels (diesel, petrol) transported over long distances by truck
  • to invest with you, if necessary, to reduce your carbon footprint

Storengy and the players in the sector

Are you looking for a serious and expert partner for hydrogen? 

We place at your disposal:

  • our positioning as expert integrators, operators and project managers (including complex projects)
  • the necessary guarantees to respond to invitations to tender

Contact us via our contact form: our experts will respond with an answer as soon as possible. 

Develop the potential of your territories by creating local ecosystems

energy hub

Investment and integration of projects by Storengy 

The ENGIE Group is one of the few operators to integrate all the expertise needed to develop hydrogen solutions in response to the challenges of the energy transition worldwide. We are involved in large-scale projects related to the production and storage of hydrogen and synthetic methane. 

Production and storage by Storengy 

With nearly 70 years of experience in the development and operation of underground natural gas storage facilities, Storengy has all the expertise needed to implement renewable hydrogen and synthetic methane production and storage projects. 

  • Surface expertise in H2 production and storage and/or synthetic methane 
    • Feasibility and integration studies 
    • Technological expertise: 
      • Electrolysis or H2 recovery treatment 
      • Methanation
      • Surface storage
      • Compression, treatment, purification
      • Flexibility
    • Technical and economic optimisation
    • Detailed engineering
    • Assistance to the project owner 
    • Project management/acceptance 
  • Expertise in underground H2 storage
    • Geoscience
    • Wells/Drilling
    • Storage
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Industrial safety
    • Proficiency in safety standards 
    • Permission requests 
    • Seveso sites


Transforming electricity from renewable energy sources into renewable gas 

Today, more than 90% of hydrogen production in the world is made from fossil fuels, mainly in the chemical and petrochemical industries.  

Although it is economical, the process used (methane reforming) is also a major emitter of CO2. In the logic of progressive decarbonisation of the world economy, the production of renewable hydrogen, by electrolysis of water, appears to be a particularly interesting alternative. On the one hand, because the electricity needed to power the electrolyser comes from renewable energies (solar and/or wind), there are therefore no greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, because the hydrogen produced can be stored, it can be redistributed when needed. This is called "Power-to-Gas". 

Providing flexibility to an energy system 

Renewable energies such as wind or photovoltaic power have a production that depends on weather conditions. Thus, when these conditions are very favourable, the production can locally exceed the demand, i.e., the traditional storage capacities of the electrical system. With Power-to-Gas, conversion into another form of energy is possible. It appears as a solution to offer an energy system the flexibility necessary to increase the use of renewable energies. 

Innovation and performance 

In February 2019, Storengy becomes a shareholder of Electrochaea, a major player in methanation on the Power-to-Gas market in Europe but also in the US. 

Electrochaea provides Storengy with a reactor in which hydrogen is combined with CO2 to produce synthetic methane by a biological methanation process. The advantage of this solution is that it does not require high temperatures to operate. Storengy is convinced that the Power-to-Gas market needs flexible installations, i.e., installations that can start and stop at any time to cope with variations in electricity production and consumption. The Electrochaea reactor therefore offers this flexibility, not needing high temperatures to be activated. 

Storengy's role in this collaboration 

As operators and integrators, we master and support the entire Power-to-Gas process, from electrolysis to the final contracting stage with renewable energy consumers. By leveraging our complementary skills with Electrochaea, we have the opportunity to become leaders in a growing market.