News 16 January 2014

Patrick Egermann, awarded by the society of core analysts

Patrick Egermann, expert in Petrophysics, awarded by the society of core analysts.

Patrick Egermann, Head of the New Technology Models Unit in Storengy's Geosciences Department, received the Society of Core Analysts (SCA) "Best Paper" award at its annual Symposium held in September 2013 near San Francisco (USA).

The SCA jury awarded Patrick its highest distinction for his presentation on the role of three-phase flow modelling (gas, oil, water) in limestone reservoirs. This work is a major contribution, in particular to optimising oil production through the development of natural gas storage in old depleted reservoirs.

Patrick's work is of particular interest in the light of the renewed interest in geological core analysis as an essential step in the development of shale gas and oil, CO2 sequestration and the extension of gas and oil reserves.

Patrick Egermann is a petrophysicist and has been an active participant in the annual SCA symposia since 2000, with his papers appearing 7 times in the top three papers. In 2014, he became the President.

About the CAS:

The CAS is a dynamic learned society, founded in 1986, whose purpose is "to serve the interests of anyone who uses or holds information on reservoir evaluation from cores".

This world-renowned branch of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) brings together experts involved in the analysis of rock cores, modelling of physical mechanisms in porous media, and reservoir evaluation for applications as diverse as natural gas storage, CO2 capture, and oil extraction optimisation.

With 600 members, the Society of Core Analysts brings together all the energy majors (Shell, Total, Chevron, BP, ENI, Exxon Mobil, etc.), service companies (Halliburton, Schlumberger), equipment manufacturers and research institutes and universities (China University of Petroleum, Université de Bordeaux, IFP Energies Nouvelles....).

The SCA, based in Canada, organises an annual 4-day symposium, combining conference presentations, poster sessions, an exhibition and a day of workshops between members on a given topic.